Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen For PC Full Crack Download 2016 Finally Released!

Published on April 2016

Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen is finally able to be played on PC. The long awaited what is called the best RPG game in history is here. After it's appearance on Playstation and XBOX, Dragon Dogma continues it's glory on PC with some new installments.

Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen

Minimum requirements are Windows Vista (7+), processor intel core i5 or bigger, RAM 4 GB minimum, VGA NVIDIA GeForce 820M or better, HDD 40 GB.

Downloads are time consuming because of the huge file size. Basically, we separate the files into 3 main parts first, they are DDDA-PC-Section-A.rar, DDDA-PC-Section-B.rar and DDDA-PC-Section-C.rar. Then these parts are splitted again into smaller parts (around 200 MB each). Just try downloading it and you'll get the idea.

Extract each (A,B,C) from part01 only. It will automatically extract the next one. Then you'll get another rar inside it, this is the final extraction (3 final rars). The same as before, extract those 3 rars from part1 only. In the end it will be unpacked into 20 GB installer with the game itself consumes 40 GB hardisk space. So be sure to have at least 70 GB hardisk space :)

Enjoy this mod :)

Go to part A download

Go to part B download

Go to part C download

    How To Download (IMPORTANT):
    1. Click the download link.
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    3. You should be redirected to the download page. The page will have the filename available for download. If you can't find it, it means you got redirected to a wrong page.
    Try again from step 1 until you find the desired page. This usually happens if you are using mobile devices.
    4. Click DOWNLOAD NOW!
    5. You will be asked to complete a survey, choose the survey of your choice and finish it.
    6. After you have done with the survey do not close any of the page (important). Just wait until the download starts automatically.
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