Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Item Duplication Mod Patch April 2016

Published on April 2016

Any item you put on the first slot will instantly turns into its max amount (e.g 99 like the first Monster Hunter cheat).

The Monster Hunter

If you are a gunner and you put the ammo on the first slot, you will never need to reload. Just like the picture above, imagine the excitement. The file is in 2 parts, but extract from part 1.rar only, it will automatically extract the second part. Then copy paste both .3ds and .cia file into your SD card. You will need the gateway 3ds (just borrow from a friend) to install cia files. The file name is:


    Click here for part 1:
    Click here for part 2:
    If that link doesn't work, try this part 1 mirror here
    And part 2 mirror here
    Don't forget you need to install cia, enjoy this mod :)
    Take a look at the duplication tutorial video HERE
    How To Download (IMPORTANT):
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    3. You should be redirected to the download page. The page will have the filename available for download. If you can't find it, it means you got redirected to a wrong page.
    Try again from step 1 until you find the desired page. This usually happens if you are using mobile devices.
    4. Click DOWNLOAD NOW!
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    6. After you have done with the survey do not close any of the page (important). Just wait until the download starts automatically.
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