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We have a wide range of literature for your entertainment. The story progresses by your choice and most of the title have gaming system on it. For example, a novel may require a pseudo-sign in which is needed in order to start reading and playing. It means that you need to sign-in a temporary account which will then takes you to various attributes selection. Such as choosing your job, class, equipment, etc.

However, since you are not permanently registering an account, you will lose your progress if you close your browser or clear your history. Even if somehow your connection were accidentally lost or you were idle for too long, your progress may also reset. But dont worry since one playthrough of our novel usually only takes about an hour or so. Plus, this is the best place to obtain karma or you can even spend karma to unlock hidden paths and secret endings. So generally speaking, you should wrap it all up if you want to quit for the day.

Our list of novels:

Legacy Of The Last Zombie: Prologue

Zombie Prologue

Little Rock has been on the rise of its infrastructure development and major companies. This capital city of Arkansas USA will definitely be one of the busiest place in the States all day long. However, little did they know that a mysterious omen is about to befell on them and the world itself.

Author: misteremas

Language: english

Genre: horror survival

First Published: 25 January 2018

Prequisites: requires pseudo-sign in

Latest update: added jobs or classes

More novels to come and please be patient :D

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